• Rent expo ‘Hand Gesture’


    In our daily lives our hands are hidden most of the time. Especially when it gets cold. We tend to use our hands in a more practical way, after all they do come in very handy! However, when you're an actor you have to use your hands quite frequently and more profoundly than someone working behind a desk. You'll notice that even the best of actors didn't have any clue what to do with their hands when they first started performing on stage. The production team behind the Musical Rent has asked me to carefully follow the rehearsal process through my camera lens. I observed how everything slowly but surely fell into place and how the musical grew into a very dynamic and powerful musical that carries an excellent message. When I was taking pictures I saw that hand gestures are very much a universal language. You don't have to see a face to identify yourself with a certain character or an emotion. In this HAND GESTURE exhibit you be able to interact more in-depth with the story, the actors and the producers behind this amazing musical. Take a look at how they first met, how they rehearsed and how the actors grew more and more into their roles. You'll be able to feel what Rent is really about, how everyone behind the musical became friends and how they ROCK this show. I hope you enjoy the show Nadia ten Wolde http://hetnieuwetheater.nl/rent/website/